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Adjudication for the construction industry was introduced in 1996 by the Housing Grants Construction & Regeneration Act and the industry has taken it to its heart.

Since its introduction in the UK under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, statutory Adjudication has established itself as a leading means of alternative dispute resolution in the construction industry. Having proven popular with contracting Parties from the outset, Adjudication continues to provide Parties with a speedy and cost effective means of resolving their disputes.

Our ‘in house’ Adjudicators have been appointed by various Adjudicator Nominating Bodies over 300 times, to decide a range of disputes, including issues of payment, delay and damages, defective works, termination, and final account valuation.

Our multi-disciplinary technical approach allows us to consider all aspects of your dispute from a varied base of skills and perspectives, with our in-house quantity surveying expertise. All key team members also hold a Masters in Construction Law;

We are well-versed in the process of Adjudication and can confidently guide you through the entire procedure, as well as giving full consideration to the strengths and weaknesses of your case throughout the process;

We have experience working as part of a cross-industry team to complement legal / other expertise where your dispute requires such an approach.

Our proven track record of success representing both Referring Parties and Respondents speaks for itself!