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Training & Research​


Training & Research

At CDR we take continuing professional development and training seriously.  CDR offers unique and dedicated seminars and training courses to assist Clients and is actively involved in research projects to keep them informed of current processes in the industry.

CDR has been instrumental in researching trends in Adjudication since 1998.

Training in the Construction Industry

Every day, CDR meets and deals with the varied problems that befall our Clients while operating day to day. To assist others and learning from our experience, CDR offers training courses to building professionals, contractors, sub-contractors and employers. These courses focus on:

  • Topical issues, such as: setting up the contract; latest contract updates; and improving systems and procedures;
  • Increasing knowledge; and
  • Improving working practice

These all lead to improved efficiency and cash flow. Our training courses, which are relaxed and informal, comprise seminars, interactive workshops and can be delivered either “in-house” or at our own facilities. We are also pleased to respond to specific Client requests for training on areas that are of particular interest to them.


Since the introduction of statutory Adjudication in 1998, CDR has carried out research to identify key trends in Adjudication in the construction industry. At the forefront is collecting data from Adjudicator Nominating Bodies (ANBs) and practicing Adjudicators.

  • This is the only consistent body of research examining UK statutory Adjudication from its inception in 1998 through to the current day;
    Data is collected from both ANBs and practicing Adjudicators, giving the ‘full picture’;
  • Statistics are analysed in line with our industry knowledge and experience to provide meaningful insights for users; and
  • This work is recognised across the industry, and cited on a regular basis.

Since 2012, this research has been collated and published with the support of the Adjudication Society. Previously this work was carried out in conjunction with the Adjudication Reporting Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. 

In 2020 CDR decided it was time to step back from the research due to other commitments. However, the research is being continued by the Adjudication Society.

Download Reports

The most recent research is contained in Report 19.

Additional Papers

CDR has also authored and co-authored research papers which have been published and presented on a global stage at RICS COBRA Conferences around the world.


Each of these papers have inspired discussion across the industry. In particular, the work presented by CDR at COBRA 2015 has led to the formation of a working group examining the issue of intimidation, circulating relevant information and raising awareness of the issue with ANBs and others across the industry.