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Contract Advice


Contract Advice

In this increasingly claim conscious environment, one of the keys to a successful contract is ensuring that the correct procurement route and contract is selected.

Procurement & Contracts in the Construction Industry

In this respect, CDR is well versed in advising Parties on alternative procurement methods, selecting the correct route for each project and advising on back-to-back contractual arrangements.

CDR also provides project co-ordination services and assistance in the preparation of tender documentation. Contract documentation frequently takes on greater importance when things start to go wrong. We provide pre-contract advice on standard construction and engineering contracts and bespoke forms to Employers, Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors in order that they are aware of the risks prior to entering into the contract. This provides our Clients with the necessary advice and information to enable them to either seek to have the risks reduced or take a “commercial view” in this regard. In a difficult economic climate it is considered there is less movement for negotiation with Main Contractors in respect of the Sub-Contract Conditions. As such, highlighting potential risk clauses is a service which CDR is increasingly being called upon to provide.

Alternatively, if advice is sought after the contract is under way, we are able to assist in interpretation and provide advice on the best way forward if a dispute arises. Sub-Contractors themselves are becoming increasingly conscious that their own Sub-Sub-Contractors may not provide them with the necessary contractual support. Furthermore, many of them wish their Sub-Sub-Contracts to be “back to back” with the Sub-Contracts, Main Contractors wish them to enter into in order to provide maximum protection. CDR is able to assist Clients in the preparation of Sub-Sub-Contracts to ensure their interests and requirements are best protected.

CDR offers a delay analysis service to assist Clients in the advancement and defence of contractual delay claims. This analysis includes the identification of delays, the reasons for this and also their critical impact on the project programme.